Lada Vesta SV Cross color Carnelian - photo and video

People choose car colors for a reason. If a person likes the car, he has chosen his favorite color, then we can already say who he is: sanguine or chaleric. And this is a psychological portrait. Lada Vesta has 9 main colors and 1-2 unique colors in each body. For the sedan it is lime, for the cross it is Mars. For the sw station wagon, this is Carthage.

To expand the Lada Vesta palette, up to nine possible paint options were finalized. These are the most top-end shades among sedans. For the Vesta SW Cross station wagon, colors are presented in a slightly wider range. Shades have certain characteristics. Read the article and you will know everything about them!

Carrying out transportation, delivering the owner from point A to point B, or simply becoming a symbol of wealth, people need a car in 2022.

There is no analogue of a vehicle in the world that is so widespread and popular. And the AvtoVAZ Lada model range is especially popular among the former USSR.

Practical, reliable, adapted to the realities of Russian roads, AvtoVAZ cars have recently had a stylish design and fashionable design.

Painting features

The appearance of the car is the first thing people pay attention to. There is nothing worse than a poorly chosen shade or poorly executed paint job. The body colors of the Lada Vesta are metallic (with the exception of white); to obtain the result, it is necessary to follow the stages and technology of car painting. It is important to maintain stylistic unity in the overall appearance. Lada Vesta's color scheme is chosen so that the body color emphasizes the lines of the car's silhouette more than usual and creates a spectacular impression of its appearance.

“Mars” or “Pluto”: colors of LADA Vesta

For the domestic automaker, Vesta became a real breakthrough and a sensation for Russian drivers.

Yes, initially it had quite a lot of problems, but the constant work of specialists made it possible to quickly get rid of them. Today Vesta is gaining enormous popularity not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. And in addition to the unique design, equipping the machine with modern systems and the use of technology, the manufacturer offered consumers a large selection of colors

However, it is important to remember that colors may differ slightly in real life, so do not blindly believe photos online

Colors for Lada Vesta and codes for them

The palette of various shades is wide; for convenience, each of the newly developed paints is assigned a code. Vesta has developed colors to choose from: White “Glacial” (221) Red “Carnelian” (195) Brown “Angkor” (246) Dark blue “Blues” (492) Dark green “Krypton” (372) Gray-blue “ Phantom" (496) Gray "Pluto" (608) Black "Black Pearl" (676) Silver "Platinum" (691) Everyone has their own preferences in all areas of life, and car paint is purely a matter of taste. The presented options have unique features.

Angkor has code 246, looks brown

Angkor, or metallic brown, is a popular, frequently chosen sedan color. This shade of milk chocolate goes perfectly with the urban setting, harmoniously diluting the grayness of residential areas. The color is not easily soiled, pleasing to the eye in the dirtiest weather, successfully hiding dust and minor imperfections. It belongs to the category of classic colors that have unobtrusively and confidently conquered the market. Practical and versatile, the brown Lada Vesta is suitable for men and women, becoming evidence of the owner's business character.

Glacial has code 221, looks white

White Lada Vesta is the most popular option, since the paint is not metallic; in addition to its advantages, it is extremely inexpensive. The strict arctic shade emphasizes the lines of the silhouette, and the black body elements stand out as much as possible against the background of the car. The rear headlights look like a bright fragment - giving the overall appearance a certain zest. Quite capricious in handling, in terms of chips - on white, the slightest imperfections, dirt, traces of rain are clearly visible. But I must say that the white color is more practical than black, the black Vesta gets dirty quickly - this color is called: “Die with a rag.” Under the rays of sunlight, the white Lada Vesta sedan sparkles like pure snow, laconically confirming the name - Glacier. White color characterizes the Sport style!


The Lada Vesta Torpedo is made monolithically, with a minimum of transitions and a center console protruding forward. A 3-spoke steering wheel with shift buttons rises in front of the driver. And just behind it is a striking dashboard, in which the tachometer, speedometer and other gauges are enclosed in deep wells. The toxic lighting of the devices is no less striking, although not everyone may like this color.

The central console of LADA Vesta is divided into 2 large blocks. A radio and multimedia system were nestled on top, which on expensive versions will be replaced by a large display. Below is the climate unit, which is responsible for the temperature in the cabin. And between them there are other option control keys. The transmission tunnel is made quite neatly, along with the gearshift lever rising there.

The LADA Vesta dashboard itself is made of plain black plastic, which is diluted with light inserts. Moreover, there are quite a lot of them - on the transmission tunnel, steering wheel, center console, air deflectors and other elements.


Visibility of the Lada Vesta is on par. The glass area of ​​the cabin is considerable, which fills it with light and makes it easy to navigate. The front end is also not too long, so you won’t have to get used to the dimensions. But there is one point - the front pillars in their lower part are too wide and significantly narrow the inspection sector.

The driving position is comfortable, but the lateral support rollers blur the picture - like on the Priora, on the LADA Vesta they are somewhat imposing, which can be seen even in the picture, and cannot tightly hold the body in sharp turns. But the rear sofa is one of the trump cards of the car. It is no secret that LADA Vesta ranks first in the segment in terms of dimensions and, therefore, in terms of roominess in the cabin. So even tall passengers in the rear row will not have to be crowded and support their heads against the ceiling.

In general, Lada Vesta has a modern and stylish interior. Of course, I would like more expensive and high-quality finishing materials, but the price at which the sedan will be sold, and this is an amount of 400,000 rubles, does not allow them to be improved.

Pluto – code 608

The dark gray Lada evokes thoughts of constancy and stability. There are many representatives of this car color, which gives the impression of reliability and confidence - tomorrow is a new day, new food. This shade is the least easily soiled - important for any owner. The most unexpected thing is that in the graphite tone the outlines of the “X” - shaped lines on the side doors of the car - are very noticeable. Despite the ordinariness, Vesta, colored Pluto, surprises with its unity of style.

On the evening of November 24, sales of the new (the definition is often used - revolutionary) Lada Vesta car took place simultaneously in 59 dealership centers in Russia with unprecedented fanfare for the Russian automobile industry. The main intrigue: for the first time, prices for the entire line have been announced.

Do you want to ask something about the Lada Vesta? Drom accepts any questions and will answer them for you. simultaneously attended several presentations - in the central part of Russia, the Volga region and Siberia. And not just like that: we bought two cars at once for our own independent test . The simplest option for today is Comfort with a manual transmission for 570 thousand rubles. and the top Luxe on the “robot” with multimedia for 658 thousand rubles.

Our sales manager Egor, Efim Nezvanny and personal technical consultant Sergey. In the background is a top-spec Lada Vesta, purchased for a long-term test

A couple of weeks ago we already voiced our desire to purchase a Lada Vesta for an independent test. At that time, there was no clarity on this matter: it was impossible even to just pick up and book a car at a dealership due to the lack of queues, let alone a banal pre-registration for purchase. The task was further complicated by the fact that for testing we decided to take two Vestas at once - in a simple and top-end version. However, which of us, where and which of the Vests we need would be able to purchase remained unclear until the last days.

Nevertheless, we continued to look for the possibility of pre-ordering or at least booking cars by November 25th. Time passed, but no clarification was observed. We, of course, had the “just in case” option: one of the dealers who places advertisements in the database of verified cars in Moscow found out about our search and shared information about which Vestas would come to them in the first batch and offered to choose and reserve one of the cars. Of course, thank you very much, but... The management’s instructions were as firm as a railway wheel: we buy a car only on general terms, with complete anonymity.

The most curious thing is that, according to unofficial data, back in mid-November more than two hundred pre-orders were placed for Vesta in Izhevsk alone! Surely in other cities there is no less interest in the new product. But where do these numbers come from if pre-orders are not officially accepted?

The official announcement of the start of sales on the AvtoVAZ website appeared about a week ago

While in the west of Russia employees were running wild in search of a guaranteed purchase of Vesta at the start of sales, in Siberia everything turned out to be simpler, more transparent, more mundane and boring. It took about five minutes to find a dealer accepting pre-orders: the very first call to the easternmost VAZ DC, which received the right to launch Vesta sales - to Krasnoyarsk Auto - led to a guaranteed positive result. Moreover, we were even offered a choice of either simple configurations with a “mechanics” or “Lux” with a “robot”. Naturally, we settled on the top-end option as the preferred one and began to solve the “paper” problems traditional for Russia. First, according to the old, but not very good car dealer tradition, we were asked for a deposit (prepayment) of 200,000 rubles. However, when it came to transferring the money, the demand for collateral was unexpectedly withdrawn. By the way, all the Vesta sellers we dealt with ultimately refused to take an advance payment for the car. It seems that with the arrival of this model on the market, not only the ideology of the car itself is changing, but also approaches to organizing sales. It's just a pity that this isn't happening fast enough.

Along with the announcement, the plant also launched a promotional website for Vesta - everything is like in the best automakers in the world!

While we were excitedly anticipating the first test drive of our future Vestas, we had to test VAZ dealers. As you know, 59 dealership centers received the right to sell Vesta (the westernmost are in Simferopol and St. Petersburg, the easternmost is in Krasnoyarsk). On behalf of a private individual, we sent out a laconic letter to everyone: “We will buy Vesta for any money on the day sales begin.” In parentheses, we note that in the age of the Internet (remember the unforgettable from Bill Gates: “If your business is not on the Internet, then you are not in business”) we were unable to send letters to ten dealers: one five could not find an email address, another email addresses are most likely non-existent - emails are returned.

Quite promptly, within a couple of days (this was a week before Vesta Night) we received 29 responses.

Immediately at Vesta Night we were offered to buy a car by 14 dealers. Here is the most comprehensive answer - from Perm: “You can buy a car on November 24, sales will start at 22:00, we will work at night, there will be a holiday and a show. There will be 40 cars of various configurations and in all basic colors, and a test drive will be available.”

Five dealers promised a car at the presentation, but with reservations. A typical answer from the Grozny “Leader-Auto”: “Come to us on the day sales begin, bring your friends, there will be competitions, a music program, gifts for everyone. There will be only 13 cars. Take with you from 500 to 650 thousand rubles. All cars will be sold on this day!”

Another five dealers were simply invited to the presentation without answering anything in essence. Three dealers requested a telephone number to continue communication. Finally, two auto centers with a strange geographical antagonism in the name “Asia Auto Ust-Kamenogorsk” (remember, this is actually a city in the north of Kazakhstan, but dealership centers are located in Tobolsk and Novokuznetsk) simply complained to us that at the start of sales of cars to them didn't get it.

Togliatti is one of the oldest among the official AvtoVAZ dealers: experienced motorists have known it since Soviet times

Meanwhile, the choice of a car, even “through pull”, was coming to naught, and we began to have a quiet panic: there were five days left until the “X-hour”, and in the West there was still no 100% option. More precisely, an option appeared... The difficulty was that we had to have one Vesta in the most complete equipment - that is, at least in the Luxe configuration and with the Multimedia package. Best of all is the new “Putin” color Lime. However, the dealer in Krasnoyarsk could not guarantee such a car for a long time...

We sit down on the phone again, and for the second time we begin to methodically call all the dealers on the list of the first and... At first, we were reassured by the Kemerovo DC "Duke and K", informing us that they were ready to accept pre-orders for Vesta. But they immediately added that we would be able to get the car, as they say, in our hands only after at least a week - until the factory sends a title for it. A familiar scheme: “money in the morning, chairs in the evening,” but I would like chairs not in the evening, but right away.

In the Omsk Lada DC (a branch of Asia Auto Ust-Kamenogorsk LLC), the autoinformer not only wastes time on advertising information that is unnecessary for us, but also redirects the call instead of the sales department to the service center! Having somehow reached the sales people, we find out that you can leave a pre-order, but they cannot say in what configurations the cars will come. Well, how can they not - we know that a normal dealer is always aware of what cars and in what configurations are coming to him: our insider data confirms this. However, just recently representatives of Asia Auto generally complained that they would not have Vest on the 25th.

Finally, in the Chelyabinsk DC "Saturn-2" they were pleased: it is known which cars will be in the first batch, and they can even place a pre-order. We agree with the manager to contact the manager by email regarding the provision of copies necessary for pre-ordering documents and... we wait for a letter from him the whole day! By this time, it becomes clear that in Krasnoyarsk there will be exactly the kind of car we wanted in the first place - Luxe with the Multimedia package. Accordingly, as a second car we no longer need the most expensive, but, on the contrary, the cheapest Vesta at the moment. And we can buy such a car closer to the capital, without even going to Chelyabinsk! True, here we also did not rely on chance and, without advertising our affiliation with, found the opportunity to book a car in white a few days before the official start of sales - fortunately, it was no longer necessary to have a “robot” and multimedia in it systems.

This is what our white Vesta will look like, which we should receive any day now. But our car will not have castings or fogs

We arrived in Krasnoyarsk exactly on the eve of Vesta Night and immediately (even in the afternoon) rushed to Bugach-Avto. On the way, it was striking that the city on the Yenisei is indeed the easternmost outpost of AvtoVAZ: Togliatti cars, unlike those located just east of Irkutsk, here form a much more noticeable part of the road flow. On the way to the auto center, the taxi driver (in a black Priora, of course) even casually mentioned that he would definitely come at night for the presentation, although the starting price of even the basic version (conventional at that time 500 thousand) was still too high for him.

Lada dealership centers are becoming more modern. A new design concept is one of the conditions for the possibility of selling Vesta

On site we found festive bustle and “Vesta” in the dreamy “Lime” color. “We’ll buy it for any money,” we tell the manager. “We won’t be able to sell it without special permission from AvtoVAZ; the car will be used as a demonstration car,” was the answer. Most of the 16 Lada Vesta cars received in the first batch are freely available. However, prices for any version were not known at that time.

By the beginning of Vesta Night in Krasnoyarsk, several hundred people were among the first to see Vesta and literally filled the showroom. The action was somewhat reminiscent of the New Year (with a classic snowstorm outside the window): a chorus counting down the time (before the start of sales), a speech by the president from a large television screen (even two - Vladimir Putin and Boo Andersson), drawings, competitions, gifts and a concert. With one thing: the main object of attention was not the New Year tree, but the lime-colored Lada Vesta, in which Krasnoyarsk residents showed truly genuine interest (standing on their feet waiting for the blanket to be thrown off, some for an hour, some for two).

In general, it is worth noting: AvtoVAZ has changed. Not only its model range and attitude to product quality have changed, but its marketing policy has changed. Never before has the launch of a new product at Volzhsky Automobile been so intriguing. Everything was in the best traditions of modern IT companies: an atmosphere of the strictest secrecy, “spy shots”, “insider leaks”, except that there were no product samples “forgotten” in strip bars. At least, we are not aware of such facts.

The level of intrigue was fueled for a long time by both the company’s management and the unpredictable exchange rate of the ruble, and on the day before the official presentation of Vesta it was brought to a boil with “absolutely reliable information” about upcoming prices. Which was later decisively refuted by a representative of the plant. In fact, the information about the booklets with prices supposedly sent to dealers turned out to be, let’s say, not entirely true. Yes, there were some printed materials. But, according to Alexei Moiseev, deputy general director for sales at Autocentre-Togliatti-VAZ, they were talking about materials intended for training staff to work with a new car. The real price niche of Vesta was unknown, and the specific prices in the notorious papers were “taken from the air.”

What about our Wests? On the day, or rather, on the night of the presentation, naturally, there was only a ceremonial part. All paperwork and financial issues will be closed today, November 25, and tomorrow (and maybe the day after tomorrow). We have already received one of our two Vestas - we were given a car in Krasnoyarsk!

A couple of days will be spent on various organizational issues, after which we will describe in detail what AvtoVAZ’s new creation is (wait for the next post!). And then one car - the one we purchased in Krasnoyarsk - will go on a run through the major cities of Siberia and the Urals: we want everyone to ride it (and express their opinion). Our route will include (in chronological order) Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Kemerovo and Irkutsk. If time permits, we will visit a few more cities. The second Vesta will also travel to cities - to the central and southern regions of Russia. So wait for the test of the new West from at least in those cities that are listed - we will be there soon!

From the front, Vesta looks quite original, only vaguely reminiscent of the style of the Mitsubishi Lancer. But the Volvo design is clearly visible at the back. The front panel architecture is seamless and self-contained

In the meantime, here are the first impressions of the first “live” car we received. It depends on everyone, but we thought that Vesta (considering the price and the niche it occupies) looks solid and self-sufficient, and from some angles (the best is from the rear side) it’s even pretty, which in class B+ is more the exception than the rule. Of the negative external impressions - the bare metal on the inside of the trunk lid and the absence of rear mudguards - a completely incomprehensible and eye-catching saving. However, even at first glance, for its money, the Vesta Luxe is much more richly equipped than the popular “Koreans” at the same price - the Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio do not have multimedia with navigation, cruise control, as well as some nice little things for this price.

The new AvtoVAZ logo adorns the radiator grille. I liked the standard navigator both for its interface and good knowledge of the streets of Krasnoyarsk. And only the luggage compartment is upsetting with the presence of bare, uncovered iron. Fortunately, in black it’s not so obvious

I liked the balanced settings of the suspension and steering - it’s just a pleasure to drive and drive the car. Except that the algorithm of the robotic transmission requires some getting used to.

The starting mileage on the odometer is 32 kilometers. The robotic transmission takes some getting used to. At low (up to 40 km/h) speeds, the transmission noticeably “freezes” when changing gears. When parking, be sure to tighten the handbrake all the way - the usual Parking position, as in an automatic transmission, is not here. Rear brakes - drum

But the strongest impression is the total interest in the car that most people around me show in Vesta. At a gas station and at any stop, one cannot do without traditional questions, and the conversation turns out to be not so much curious as interested. And the attitude towards the car is somehow optimistic, kind, breakthrough and victorious. Maybe it’s true that Vesta is a revolution, a breakthrough? We'll sort this out.

Alexey Stepanov, Farit Fatkhullin, Efim Nezvanny.

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